Initial Provider Courses
(students new to ATLS or with expired ATLS credentials)
Recertification Courses
(for providers renewing a current ATLS certification) 
2019-20 Course Dates: (all dates pending final approval of the ACOS)
November 9, 10: Houston
December 14, 15: San Antonio
2020 Dates:
January 11, 12: Houston
February 15,16: San Antonio
March 21,22: Houston
April 4,5: San Antonio
May 16,17: Houston
June 13,14: Houston
June 27,28: San Antonio
July 11,12: Houston
July 25,26: San Antonio
August 8,9: San Antonio
Sept. 12,13: Houston
October 3,4: San Antonio
Nov. 14,15: Houston
Dec. 12,13: San Antonio
2019-20 Course Dates: (all dates pending final approval of the ACOS)
November 8 Houston
December 13: San Antonio
2020 Dates
January 10: Houston
February 14: San Antonio
March 20: Houston
April 3: San Antonio
May 15: Houston
June 12: Houston
June 26: San Antonio
July 10: Houston
July 24: San Antonio
August 7: San Antonio
Sept. 11: Houston
October 2: San Antonio
Nov. 13: Houston
Dec. 11: San Antonio
Our Board of Directors and Core Teaching Faculty

Dr. David Gochner, General and Trauma Surgery

Dr. Jordi Espel, Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery

Dr. Corey Jones, Emergency Medicine and Undersea/Hyperbaric Medicine

Sam Rodriguez, ATLS Course Coordinator

Mailing Address:

LoneStar Trauma Educators &

Linron Bioskills Training Institute

1035 Highway 90N, PO Box 565

Anderson TX 77830-9998

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