LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute Hosts Training Night for Pre-Med Students Participating in The Patient Institute’s WE LEAP Program

LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute in San Antonio will be welcoming some 25-40 pre-med and other pre-healthcare students on the evening of June 17 as part of a series of free educational programs provided by The Patient Institute's WE LEAP program.

The WE LEAP program, under the umbrella of The Patient Institute, was established three years ago by Dr. Adam Ratner, a local physician & philanthropist, with the goal of providing pre-med and other pre-healthcare students an opportunity to learn about important topics that will help them become better physicians and medical team members.  “I wanted these students to receive training in areas that are often not covered in medical school. Through this 10-day, free, summer program we survey a number of subjects that will impact these young people and their patients in the future. I want them to be successful both professionally and personally.”

WE LEAP introduces the participants to seasoned professionals in the community who discuss leadership, professionalism, ethics, negotiating, strategic planning, personal business and financial planning, legal issues, wellness, happiness and more. It gives the students a rare opportunity to meet and benefit from experienced professionals who are willing to give of their time, attention, and resources to be mentors to the healthcare leaders of the next generation.

LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute will provide four scenario stations including: Airway, Venipuncture, Suturing, and Ultrasound.  Each of the students will have an opportunity to practice their hands-on skills in these various areas of study.  Course Director Cindy Lopez said she is excited about the LINRON® Bioskills trip and she purposely saved it for the last night of the program. “I wanted something that was going to involve practical applications. I wanted them to have an ‘Ah Ha’ moment that will continue to shape and affirm their path to practice medicine,” Lopez said.

Dr. Ratner said the visit to LINRON® Bioskills adds excitement to the WE LEAP program. “It gives them a unique opportunity to learn practical skills they would not normally have at this stage of their training. At the end of the day, we want all of our students to become well-rounded, happy, compassionate and effective healthcare leaders,” Ratner concluded. 

LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute is a modern, medical education facility dedicated to the hands-on training needs of the numerous physicians and healthcare support professionals who dedicate their lives to constantly improving healthcare standards and practices.